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The Sell Art
Mondrian-inspired vase makes design so clear.
(available for purchase via Fab.)
Amour, amour, amour.
(@ SFMOMA, by Karina and Gabriella Iskin.)
How sexy is this Mapplethorpe porcelain plate?
Mona Lisa will let you in. Maybe.
(Made by Entryways, available via Fab.)

 (via Gianluca Fontana Captures The Art of Sculpture in “Tribute to Giacometti”)
Posted for Gertrude Stein. Ignore the rest?
Featuring Man Ray’s Noire et Blanche (1926).
Card case available @ Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.
Learn more about the original photograph(s) @ Christie’s.
Something about how moving Rothko is even in miniature.
(Made by: sapnamehra @ Etsy.)
Take your Rothko inspiration with you.
(Made by: ALDNor @ Etsy.)